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Problem with serverlist
So basicly I put my server up all god YAY counter strike b00m b00m then for some reason my server goes of the list however it is not offline players that are connected still play but the server will not show and if you have game info says its not responding. Now I do actualy host and play on the same comp if you must know specs they are:
AMD 5000+ Dual Core
4 gigs ram
2X Nvidia 7900 (512mb video ram)

Any help would be greatly appreciated Smile
First of all it's not recommended to play and host from the same machine, WHATEVER specs you have.

The problem with the list is being cause by your router or gateway, it either means it's configured incorrect or it simply will never work.
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ya i play and host from the same computer and have LOTS of issues. not showing on the list being one of my smallest probs. i cant stay connected to my server because my router, i constatntly lose connection if people are playing, it sucks. anyway...mess around with your router settings to get it to show in the list.

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