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Hey guys,

I figured since you guys are very in tune with SRCDS, you could give me some ideas or features for a new product my company is launching later this month, it's called Venom Server Management Studio.

[Image: vsmsserverswv3.png]
[Image: vsmsremoteusers2ae7.png]

Some features so far
  • Pingbooster
  • Remote control and user permissions
  • Web based control panel (In Progress)
  • Desktop client (In Progress)
  • Complete RCON control, much like HLSW
  • Easy to use interface and simple to advanced options.
  • Scabale to work for game hosting companies.
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista support
  • Organizes logs by day, time, and soon will highlight errors.
  • Usage charts show which server is used more, which server uses more CPU and bandwidth, at what times it's full, etc.

It manages all of your SRCDS instances, including settings, configurations, etc. and it also watches for crashes, just like ServerChecker.

It installs on a dedicated server, but it also comes with the web control panel and desktop client (Like HLSW I guess)
It offers some pretty neat features, but I'm stumped on what to add next.
It looks pretty nice, much like office 2007 Smile. Which I think is a very good and clear GUI.

Well as you mentioned, the core things are already added.
What most gamehosting providers use (when applicable) is the ability to chose and install a mod or srcds instance on demand. Example:
Create Server:
Mod: HL2Big GrinM, CS:S, DOD:S, Garrysmod10, Garrysmod9, etc..
Configuration: Standard, DM, TDM, whatever you like Smile
Tickrate: 33, 66, 100, custom (value between 33 and 100)

Best way to make this work is having a clean install somewhere with every mod in it from which you can copy the files to the new server directory with preset configuration files and other settings (commandline parameters).

One other thing that would be pretty successful I think is a plugin manager.
A list that has all plugins available in it with a button to disable/enable them and are ready to go. Again you would need all the plugins and settings with it pre-configured so you can copy them into the folder and are ready to go.

A lot of people have problems with plugins, especially mani since it's most used, if one can provide a click to work solution it's a quick call I think Smile

Well that's all I can come up with for now, maybe I'll see if I can find some more stuff to add.
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Thanks for your reply.

Just so everyone knows that this application isn't just ripping off Office 2007, it is a fully licensed application able to use the UI.

One of the key features is being able to tap into the hldsupdatetool and download game content, such as HL2, HL2MP, CSS, DODS, GMod, The Ship, etc. using the UI

We plan on adding a way to manage installed mods.

There is already a template system installed, where it will attemp to download a basic install of SRCDS (HL2, HL2MP, et.c) and store it in archive file, the same would apply to installations of Mani, SourceMod, and other addons that are popular. This in the long run saves on internet usage since the content is already installed.

I also forgot to add it already manages the processor affinity for the SRCDS instance, meaning you can choose a setting in the configuration and when it starts, VSMS sets the affinity automatically.
Some more updates to give everyone an idea of the installation wziard:

[Image: vsmsinstallinfodo2.png]
[Image: vsmsinstallextrabk1.png]
[Image: vsmsinstallstatuspg1.png]

The wizard uses the hldsupdatetool to download the content without actually seeing the hldsupdatetool or it's command window, completley seamless.
Okay, another set of updates...

- Integrates with Microsoft's IIS6 FTP. When you create a user in VSMS, it creates an FTP account and permissions for any selected servers they have permissions for.
- Servers now store in C:\VSMS\servers\ port 27015 format
- Custom commands - You can create custom/favorite commands to use on players. For example:

If you have a custom mod that deals with player interactions you can setup commands to interact, no more mymod_giveitem STEAM_0:0:123456.

You can now bind a command to: mymod_giveitem #PLAYER_STEAM#
VSMS automatically replaces #PLAYER_STEAM# with the selected players Steam ID

looking good!
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Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS)
Free to join, Live support! (When available)
I have a question what language is this being written in?
How much memory and processing power does it take?
And what is the web based browser written in?

Other wise that program looks awesome and I hope one day I can set-up a GSP. You should go put some info on how you go to where you are in the Business Lounge
The manager and desktop client are written in Visual Basic.NET (.NET 2) and the web control panel is written in ASP.NET (VB) (.NET 2)

Since it's still in testing I don't know precise CPU and memory usage yet, but when we get closer to being finished I'll post some benchmarks.
Is this released?
is it free ?
can i have a link to download?
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