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Several servers.
Just testing my box really, but there are some servers I have put up if anyone would like to pass judgement on them.  Its taken a While to get them to a stage I feel happy about, what with making batch files to auto update them and restart them (thanks for all the help btw), but I would like to see them fill up a bit so I can really stress test the box.
The ip's are as follows.

Spacebuild be Flyberius Stargate/PHX/+Stuff - Gmod 10 lots of good builders. Password is dogg, if its on.
Vanilla be Flyberius.  Good old Maps - Plain old CS:S. Cant really beat a good Headshot.
Gunmod be Flyberius Mani/Mattie - Spiritual sequel to GunGame. Gun order changes from round to round.

I have a Teamspeak on port 27016 but it has recently gone on the fritz so we will have to see with that one. May have something to do with us pointing our domain name away from this IP tho so it may only affect me.

Please be sensible in the GMod server, I dont like banning but people seem oblivious to some of the lag-mobiles they are capable of building.

Haha!!! The thread isnt dead!

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