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1.hey all how can i make a server runing when im out or noy useing the pc or when its of. can i join in ma own server . can i add commands in the server .
1. You can use HLDSUpdateTool from to do the downloading portion and hosting as well. Go to get steam now and on the right bottom you will see a link for it. It comes with detailed instructions on how to install!

2. To join your own server, you need to be on another computer. You will find it in your LAN servers tab. Sometimes doing this causes issues though. You might have to use a different port, like 27016. Most of the time you won't need to though.

3. Add commands? You need to be more specific. Do you mean AdminMod? AMXX Mod? ManiMod? Or do you mean how can you control your server from ingame?
Does your MSN/AIM/YIM/ICQ or any other program work when your PC is off?
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YEAH HOW CAN I ADD CAMMAND LIKE I WANNA PUT PICTURES AND how can i let my friends join when i invate them the say its not respondeing so how can how can i use the mod ? i know how 2 make a serveer but how can i make the server runing when im not there like if im out some where and a client wanna play so how plz help me Smile
you leave the server running. Now if your server crashes a lot or you want it to reboot after crashes. You want aprogram called Server Doc. You can download it here.

Add commands to add pictures? You need to be more specific. As for the server not responding. it is a steam issue. tons of people have it. If you are behind a router and you invite him, chance are steam is inviting him with the internal ip which will not work. You need to give him the external ip.
The problem is where to start. There are several different types of server out there. Listen, Dedicated and SRCDS.
SRCDS is the only one that will work when "your" PC is off because it generally doesn't run on your PC, it runs on a server in a datacentre somewhere or, assuming you dont live in the UK, on a high speed connection to your house.
Now. If you want to run SRCDS follow Xtreme's instructions on how to download SRCDS and your already on your way.
As for mods and things like that, thats what these forums are for. Search around for people with similar posts that may answer your questions.
Be warned tho. You arent very specific in what you are asking people to help with. I agree with Xtreme when he says "add pictures?". People cant help you unless they know what they need to be answering.
Good luck. Big Grin
some servers when you join in u start then some server the aidmins add pictuers and rules like no hacking and other..... then u press 'OK' then u choose a team ct or t and other in the server like in de_dust 2 in sector A there are pictuers like the aidmins name or othe how can i do the same also how can i change the ip u see i live in saudi arabia so i came here in canada so i wanna make some servers for canada and for saudi .
also when i join the server it lags not of the ping but something alse my ping is 12 so why that all and plz help me and thx Smile
You can add messages through mani ads
You can add pictures through mani decals
You can NOT change your IP, it's static for a region
I don't know why the server lags, if you enable net_graph 3 in console you can see whats wrong
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Source Dedicated Server (SRCDS)
Free to join, Live support! (When available)

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