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CPU Utilization
AMD XP 3200
2 gigs dual channel Geil Golden dragon pc 3200 ddr
srcds only app installed except FPS booster
12 slot CSS mani admin 100 tick 600 FPS

I am amazed at how much cpu usage is consumed depending of course how busy the server is . But with a full server at the start of the round sometimes the cpu usage spikes to 80 % but then lowers to 50 and lower yet as players are eliminated. I understand from reading here that the 100 tick with 600 fps dramatically increases cpu usage but my question is how much is too much. Currently have not noticed any problems including any type of lag . So is it correct to assume as long as it does not climb above 80 % I should be ok ? I have never heard anyone complain , just the opposite actually as everyone likes the way the register on the server. I am on the lan that has the server so its hard for me to tell myself . Uplink is 1 mbit.

Yeh, 80% is a good linit to set, that way spikes can still occur without lag.
I kinda got my doubts with 12 player 100 tick on a 1mbit.. since the max of that connection really is 14-16 players @33tick. So 100 tick seems a bit too much to me.

Note: increasing server FPS does not increase CPU usage, just the amount of players and the tickrate.
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Kool thanks for your response appreciate it .
Well seems to be fine with 12 players at 100 tick so far , as mentioned before not any complaints as of yet. I have the maxrate set at 18000 which seems to work. I know your a euro or I would invite you to try it out yourself .

Thanks again for your response it was informative

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