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Intel or AMD?
I dont know what is best:
-Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHZ
-AMD64 Athlon 3800+ DualCore

Other config:
- 2048MB DDR2 Kingston
- 250GB SATA2

And port of 10Mbit or 100mbit?

SUSE 10 its good for srcds servers? I have never used linux Toungue

How mani servers could i run with this machine?

Cool Smile
I would choose Intel, well because i'm a Intel Fanboy and i like Intel machines best, they are more cooler(not as hot as AMD, which means less power and less needing for cooling)

Choose 100mbit Smile As more speed, as more slots
Might be a good idea for you to start of with some sort of debian based distro. Easier for beginners to linux Smile

With the Intel 1.86ghz - you should be able to get 4 x 16 players 100ticks (i can) and still have some CPU to spare.
I'd go with the C2D. I have 2 x E4300 1,8Ghz both clocked to 3Ghz, absolutly stable.
This cpu is a OC monster. Smile
alberto0o Wrote:SUSE 10 its good for srcds servers? I have never used linux Toungue

openSuSe 10.2 runs srcds just fine....depending on your !nix experience.....install 10.2 w/o the gui....

if you have never used linux before.....this will be a great learning probably want to a front-end..
Kde is resembling windows these days <quivers and dryheaves>
At the moment core 2 duo is the way to go in my opinion (got 2x E6600 2.4GHz over here, running around 100 slots mixed 100 and 66 tick)
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