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BETA Released!

Beta looks great!

Could you make it so that it is flexible at reading configuration files and allowing edits.  There are so many configs to manage . . . Maybe something a little like how MSConfig.exe reads the windows .ini files?  Mainly, it would be able to figure out the layout of a config file and update it without changing the formatting.  Rather than hard coding the variables  and descriptions, load them up from the config file.  For example the mani server config file is all set up for this kind of read-in--first line is the description, second is variable.

// Adverts 1 = on, 0 = off
mani_adverts 1

// Time between adverts displayed
mani_time_between_adverts 120

Thanks, looks good!
Yes, I can defiantly do that, I pretty sure that there is auto formatting built into the textbox control. I post a new beta in about 15 hours (going to the grand canyon, on vacation Wink.)

Thanks for downloading!
Nice to hear from you again erix! Looks like you really gone into it now, keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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I have a new build with the file editor! Just look in the tools menu! The download link is the same for the new build.

I have done quite a bit of work on todays build. Please let me know if I need to add anything else!

Change Log (Beta Build 2)
[CODED] Buy script
[CODED] Auto Server options
[FIXED] Update Modes
[FIXED] File creation errors
[FIXED] Major code changes that were affecting stuff
[OPTIM] Recoded lots of modules
[ADDED] Server Watch
[ADDED] Program check up
[ADDED] Images
[ADDED] Added some text to browse dialog
[ADDED] If you aren't online the program becomes dead
[ADDED] When you click on the "Select Game" thing the menu drops down
[ADDED] File editor on request

All in all this build was a major step up from the previous!

This was made with the included file editor!!!.

Do I get front page if this gets popular? Big Grin.
i downlaoded it, and ran the .exe and it downloaded fine, but then it kept repeating the process in he command prompt. It never let me edit any of the cfg or anything else.
Can you explain more clear for me? Or can someone else find out what he did to cause the error?
- This is why we have BETA testers Big Grin.
i ran the easyserver.exe and it opened up command prompt and did all the shit that it needs to do ie: download all the server files. but it kept opening up more cmd prompt windows and starting the task all over again while i still had the first command prompt window running/finishing.
Well, mostly everything works except the CFG maker. You can get the current build at

If you want anything added please let me know!
you may want to look at this too:

i posted about this a while back, it sort of does the same thing. not saying your's is bad just saying there's something else out there that is similar. (i'm in no way affiliated with them)
Ahh, thanks for pointing that out, it seems like they are pretty popular. Seems like that script is overloaded in my opinion. But it looks really promising. This was just a fun project, I didn't want to make number 1. Atleast it works Wink (I Hope).

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