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I run a 100 tic server and I consistently have problems with shot registry on users that are using 30/20 rates. I recently added the cvars sv_minrate 20000, sv_minupdaterate 66, and sv_mincmdrate 66. Clients can still join with 30/20 rates. How can I make it so that it either gives them a dialog to change these, or have the server change them for the client? So far I haven't had any luck finding any plugins to do this. I do not want to use zblock.
You should try acerates, it's a pure rate control plugin.
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Acerates is now defunct due to the latest steam update and so are many other scripts that relied on cl_restrict server_commands 0.

sv_minrate, maxrate were properly fixed in one of the latest updates and commands such as sv_minrate 25000, sv_maxrate 30000, sv_minupdaterate 100, sv_maxupdaterate 100, sv_mincmdrate 100, sv_maxcmdrate 100, sv_client_interpolate 1 and sv_client_interp 0.01 do indeed work fine.

The way Valves system works is that it forces the clients rates to match what you have in your server.cfg, but as soon as they leave the server, they will return to their default rates.
He said he added the cvars for sv_mincmdrate, etc and people were still able able to join and play with 30/20 rates.
Yes and i'm telling him they do work.

Have you even tried net_graph 3 and PROPERLY checking that they aren't working?
I'm using ma_rates to check client rates.
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Theres your problem. ma_rates is known not to work (most times) in parallel with rate enforcers - including sv_minrate etc.. It doesn't recognise the new set rates - only the ones that the user connected with at first.

I've seen this problem many times on my publics using ma_rates. If you want rates properly enforced for definite, use zblock and its zb_netinfo function.. unless you dont want to lose your dodgy cvars or DX7 level.

Alternatively, type net_graph 3 in console - check that players is receiving and sending your server minimums.

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