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I was wondering what the maximum amount of SRCDs that could be hosted from one computer is. This is given infinite cpu and ram, what I am after is if there is a port limit to the number of SRCDs that you can host. This could be a limitation in windows only supporting so many connections or even a limit in the number of ports that steam can use. I would like to assume that the command to disable source tv is used thus freeing up any UDP ports that the source tvs would use.
that number would be in tens of thousands, if players can connect is another question though.
I'm not sure how many ports are available but I've seen them in high 60k's of which only a few are used by different programs.
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The maximum amount of ports available is 65535, including the normal ports (like 25 for SMTP, 21 for FTP etc). So, based on this, 8000 servers is a good number, using 27015-35015.

A machine that can support that is every admins' dream Toungue

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