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Making CS 1.6 Nonsteam
I Maked CS 1.6 Server. Everything works etc..


i need get it Nonsteam so non-steam clients can also connect with my server. currectly they get Error Messeage if they want to connect with my server. The Error Look Like This

Invalid CD KEY

Steam Users can connect with my server but not NON-Steam


I Downloaded NonSteam Patch Called

There is one file called SP.exe

I Extracted The Files Into my CS Server Files Folder

But im afraid to run that SP.exe

Anyone Is It Working and Not virus?

No Help= Sad Sad Sad

Help= Smile Cool Big Grin Toungue Shy Rolleyes
Scan it. Also, is this illegal?
I have heard of the WON2 steamless players network, but I don't think they can interface with steam players, they are separate, hence VaLve makes you use steam to buy their games.
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Steam players and cracked players can join cracked servers, cracked players can't join normal servers, I think. | xfire: toasty2
Yes and this is illegal in the first place, so I'm afraid we can't help you here.

I can give you one hint and that is hamachi (this is legal), that's all I can say.
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