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1000 FPS?
I can't make my server have a 1000 FPS. I've tried adding on the start command line -fps_max 1000 and on the server config fps_max 1000 but it doesn't work. Also, I believe if you put it on your server config you must add to the start command line +exec server.cfg right? Anyways, how could I have my server really do 1000 FPS. I have Windows Media Player Open.
What's your server specs/hardware?
Do you play and host a server on same pc?
What's your upload speed?
i don't think it's possible on windows, only linux if you recompile and patch it with hrt etc.
Windows is limited to something like 60-67 fps by default. To reach 512 fps, you need to download srcdsfpsboost from Here.

As for 1000fps, i'm sure it can be done - and has been talked about on these forums before - but its rather pointless as you will notice nearly zero difference, you might even start getting 'weird problems'. Just set it to +fps_max 600 (a + not a - ) to get your 512fps and it will be fine.
It's possible, you have to edit stuff in the BIOS and install of windows, a lot of trouble for nothing I say.
1000FPS servers are VERY instable and have very bad game quality. 1000FPS source games are totally different than 1.6 1kfps servers, the 1.6 effect is not there in source.

If you have a P3 you can run 1000FPS by setting FPS_max 1000 and running srcdsfpsboost.exe/WMP without modifying anything.

~500FPS is the best for SRCDS performance, you can get it without tweaking while using srcdsfpsboost.exe or WMP
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K i relly dont see the point of setting the fps to 1000 since it slowes down the server and it only increases ping by 0.23 ms in the most PERFECT conditions. plus it becomes unstable. some high performace scrim servers have there fps_max set to double the servers tick and i personaly find those register better than most 1000 fps servers

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