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im having trouble with getting mani mod to work. i am pretty sure my problem has to do with my "mani_admin_plugin.vdf" file. i didnt make one it was aleady there. i need to know what the vdf file should look like....

"file" "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

should it look exactly like this for me? or do i need to modify it? my server is located in C:/Program/cstrike....
there is a CreateVDF.exe supplied with mani admin plugin, it's located in the addons folder, if you run it it should do everything for you
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ok so i started over again this time with the beta r version and everything seems to work now. the console loads everything for the first time ever lol. and everything is working but now i cant connect to the server. it says cionnection to steam severs succesfull. so i dont know wha tit is, maybe i'llo try later.

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