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I recently setup a CS:S Dedicate server on my UK2 DS. Works fine, no problems. I have mani-admin running.... everythings fine.

But ive been searchinggggg and searchingggg the internet to try find a good list of command line commands for the SRSDS. Im having to try work things out myself, trying all different commands i can think off.

I want to perform things like... server restart? i tried 'restart' doesnt work. I want to view some statistics of whats happening on the server. Just general stuff like that.

Im using a putty SSH window to administer my server, so doesnt anyone have a list of commands i can run from there to control my SRCDS.

Thank you
You could just look at the server.cfg for a list of the basic cvars and then type them in a CS:S console and it gives you a description. Using putty to admin your server is pretty pointless - use something like HLSW.

If you need to change/test anything, use rcon - otherwise edit server.cfg.

As for server restart, 'quit' from srcds console or 'rcon quit' from in CS:S - then your server will close down and reboot in 10 seconds.
start your server and type into console:

ther you will see all avaiable commands and each description
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for a web based cvarlist see this link:
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If you are in your srcds console on your linux server you can type 'status' to get some basic info and 'stats' to get an fps readout etc.
The console on the linux srcds works just like the on in game.
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