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8 players?
I'm going to be hosting a 8 player CS:S server with CSS:RPG on this computer:
AMD Athlon-XP 2000+ ~1.66Ghz
550kbps upload (it varies between 550 and 600, but never any less)
Windoze XP (w/ lots of tweaks)

SRCDS will have a hard drive to itself, a different one than the OS is running on.

Will it run fine?

Edit: Also, are there any settings you recommend? rates and stuff? | xfire: toasty2
So far the server is working fine, I've had 5 players on it at once with no problems. I'd like to tweak the rates, what would you suggest for my connection? I'm planning for 8 players max, but I set the maxplayers to 10 for bots. | xfire: toasty2
Should hold without any problems at all:

bandwidth * 128 / maxplayers = maxrate
600 * 128 / 8 = 9600

minrate something like 5k to disallow 56k users, 3k to allow them.

maxupdaterate always 100, doesn't matter what server you are running
minupdaterate always 20, same as above
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