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help with rates
k so first off im brand new to this stuff. i am running a small 4 - 6 man server and i need to know what rates to use. i assume that my server is 33 tick because i havent changed anything. my download is about 1000 kbps and up is like under 200. also..... where do i put the cfg when its made?

thanks a lot and sorry for my noobishness = p.
server.cfg goes into $SRCDSinstall\<modname>\cfg
$SRCDSinstall is where you installed the SRCDS, <modname> is cstrike, hl2mp or whatever you are using.

under 200kbps upload will hold 4 players if you are lucky, use the following rates:
sv_maxrate = bandwidth * 128 / players
6400 = 200 * 128 /4

sv_minrate 1000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20
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