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Mani Admin Plugin 1.2r NOCLIP suddenly not working
I'm not sure why but suddenly when I try to noclip any player, it doesn't work. It says that the person is in noclip mode but nothing happens.

Any ideas?
I even downgraded to 1.1 to see if it would fix it, but noclip doesn't work. It's like someone disabled it completely! I'm out of ideas on how to fix this.

Any help please?
Uhm, maybe there was an update or something... I'm not sure.
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I found out it was est_tools that was causing the problem.
smsmasters Wrote:I found out it was est_tools that was causing the problem.

If it was the est_tools then is there a certain folder or file to remove for noclip to work?
I found that the mani admin plugin v1.2r, is working great without any problems (including working Noclip) if you run it from Source Meta Mod, and not via the .vdf file. So I suggest you to erase the vdf file, and run it through SourceMeta Mod (and erase the exec line from server.cfg).
There's something in the es_tools.cfg file which can disable all cheats (even noclip for admins) if you leave it set to 1; change it to 0 to fix the problem. It's like est_cheatish or something, I cannot recall 100%

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