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More than 1 CSS Server on 1 PC?

I've tryed to start more than one CSS/DODS Server on my Remote Computer, and it works fine, but the problem is that I need to have different cfg's and maps (mapcycle, maplist,...) on these servers.

I've also tryed to copy the folder of the server files and rename it. The server starts without problems, but if someone wants to connect to such a server there is an Error. "The Third-Party modifacation is not installed on your Computer"

Nobody can help me???
I'm not sure where that error comes from, you should be able to copy the SRCDS folder without a problem. Make sure you set the port to a different port as the first server.
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ok, now it works.
The problem was, that i've copied the folders inside the srcds folder, so the it was detected as an other game. Now with more srcds folders it works great, thanks.

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