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CS1.6 and CSS bandwidth usage
About how much bandwidth does an average CS1.6 server with an average of 8 players use in a month? What about a CS:S (66tic) server with the same amount of players? About how much bandwidth does a TS server by default use per player? | xfire: toasty2
Not sure about cs 1.6, but I know it's a bit lower than CS:S

for the 8 player you will be using about 9kb/s per player slot.
72*60*60*24*30=186624000 kb per month = ~187 gigs per month if the server is full 24/7.
If the server is popular you can take 60% of that which is ~110GB per month.

TS really depends on how many players are talking at once, if there's 1 player it will only vost about 30kbps but if you have 5 or 6 talking at the same time it can go up to as much as 600kbps total.
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