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yea i got a 30mb down and 5mb up fiber connection, and my server is a dual xeon 3.4ghz with 2gb ram. i have a 24/7 office server, 30 slots, 66 tick, and my rates are...
sv_minrate 9999
sv_maxrate 22000
decalfrequency 10
sv_maxupdaterate 60
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_maxcmdrate 60
sv_mincmdrate 10
fps_max 500
sv_unlag 1

but some people still seem to claim lagg. also, theres only like 1-3 ppl that has a lil over 100 ping. is it them thats lagging, or my rates, or...
Make sure your maxudaterate is set to 100... (because 60 means 60 tick, and if your server is running at 66 tick may cause some error) Also I think you should leave min rate at 5,000 and max at 64*5000/30 = 10,666 (because the formula for working out a 33 tick is 128*bandwith(5,000 in your case)/number of players (30 in your case) but a 66 tick you half the number at the beginning.... So that's your max rate... Also, I don't think the maxcmdrate isn't really needed.... Also, not really needed, but I change the decal frequency to like 60, not much of a help but it's a little
10666, thats suppose to be my maxrate? that seems wayyy to low
You shouldn't halve the number freddukes, that formula has nothing to do with tickrate. It's a universal formula for all tickrates, because it is simply a calculation of how many B/s one client can use maximum. Now I don't think when you increase the tickrate to 66 your connection bandwidth cut off to 50% of what it was at 33 tic.

So your rates are fine. You'll have to find out yourself what this lag is (see net_graph 3 ingame) then you know what the problem is.

As freddukes said, set sv_maxupdaterate to 100, that's also a universal server value since the server automatically limits to the tickrate the server is running.
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well choke is up around 50 when the rounds first start, then drop and stay below 10, then the out is around 120 constant.

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