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CentOS Kernel Recompile

I've got CentOS currently installed on my VPS - trying to run srcds. I did a forum search and found basically exactly the same thing - a guy with CentOS wanting to recompile the kernel to 1000hz, but i didn't find the given instructions very good.

I am a debian man myself, so very limited knowledge of CentOS.

Could someone please take 5 mins of their time to write up a fairly detailed walkthrough of how to recompile a good (recent) 1000hz kernel on CentOS.

Would be much appreciated.
go here:

obviously the kernel version they use is older so just go to and choose the recent stable one, as of today. and wget that one instead of the one he uses.

about the 6th post down is where the instructions are, the only thing you have to do differently (or add i should say) is right after you do "make oldconfig" it says keep hitting enter. hit enter slowly until you reach the part about cpu, choose whatever you have, and kernel timer, change this from 100hz to 1000hz, then just keep hitting enter until the end and follow the rest of the instructions.

1) read that post in the link
2) substitute a more recent kernel for the one the op uses
3) follow instructions until you reach "make oldconfig"
3a) after you start "make oldconfig" choose your cpu and change kernel timer
4) follow the rest

don't worry if you pass it by accident, just hit enter until it's over and then run make oldconfig again.
fqdn Wrote:Blah..

Perfect, thanks a lot.
no prob, it sounds like a lot but it's really easy. you can answer no to the wireless drivers, sound card, game controllers etc to make it even leaner. some people say it makes a difference but i haven't seen anything, plus you have to read everything rather than just hitting enter over and over.
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