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HL2 Dedicated Server Questions
Hello.  I originally posted these questions over at Planet Half-Life.  I have received zero responses.  Hopefully, this community is more knowledgable.

I've started running a dedicated team deathmatch server on my LAN. It works quite well, but I have a few questions:

1. Despite my cfg file setting teamplay to 1, the first map always loads straight deathmatch. Teams don't begin until the second map loads. Is there a way to get the first map to load as teams?
2. Is it possible to add bots to HL2DM? The console command "bot_add" works in CSS, but not HL2DM.
3. Does it matter if the fps_max command is in the config file or does it need to be a command after the executable, similar to the tickrate command? I've seen it used both ways.
4. Finally, is there a way to add bots permanently in either CSS or HL2DM? Or do you have to add them one at a time using the console?

1. you can try setting teamplay 1 in the startupline, sounds to me it's loaded too late.

2. There are no bots for HL2 and DOD.

3. fps_max command can be entered either in the cfg or the startupline, it doesn't matter.

4. in css there's a command called bot_quota <number>, that sets the numer of bots maximum, it automatically fills it up to the set amount.
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