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Auto Server restart - reboot ....

I were wondering since i am just starting to get my server up would there be any possibilities to make automatic daily server restart since the server 'only' got 512mb ram.

Or even better would there be any option for the whole PC to shut down on a certain time and boot up again on a special time and start the server automaticly ? Or just eveytime i turn on the server it would start by it self? - I hope some one can help! I am going to run mani admin plugin on the server, so far no other mods Smile

Thanks - Bonsai Big Grin
try the tasksheduler on windows.
or cronjobs on linux or alike.
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I got it working with a program to shut it off. There's no programs that can turn it on again Sad I just added an shortcut to srcds.bat into the start directory and now when i turn on the pc then the server and the "ShutOff" program will startup Wink

Thanks for help anyways Smile

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