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updating source dedicated server
I am hoping someone still reads these forums!! It’s been a month or so since I have started my Source Dedicated Server that's installed on my machine to run Counter-Strike Source. When I start up the map I get a message that says "Your server is out of date. Please update and restart." So I go to and have downloaded the new Windows HLDS Update Tool. When I run the update tool it gives me a message that says "Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool Setup has detected that you are currently running the Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool on this machine. For the Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool to be installed correctly, you must shut down the instance of the Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool that is already running. Once Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool Setup has completed, you can safely restart the tool."

The problem is I have no clue how to stop the server that's running on my computer. Apparently it's running behind the scenes because I can’t find anywhere to shut it off!!

How do you update this program to get it to work again!?

I hope someone out there knows how to help me! Thanks in advance to all that help me!
I assume you're running windows.

With that in mind, what you need to do is run the update tool you ALREADY HAVE, not the new one. This will update your server to the newest version. To do that, use the same syntax you originally did when you first installed; something like:

HLDSupdatetool.exe -command update -game "Counterstrike: Source"

It should have the "dir" flag saved, so you don't need to specify that.


You can also start your server with the "-autoupdate" flag set. This will update your server before it starts, and you'll be all set.
Hi cregan98 may I kindly ask you not to double post, we will read it anyways (I work through these forums 3 times a day). However, I replied in your other post and here in this post is another option posted by chabo.

When you are running windows -autoupdate doesn't work, only on linux.
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