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High Res Clock
As most of you are probs aware that one reason SRCDS (WIN32) does not run as fast as it could is because to get the extra FPS you need a 1ms response time from the system clock. Apart from launching Media Player is there any other way this can be done?

It is strange that they have not added the code to the source DS engine though, but as I am not a programmer I do not know the consequences.

Out of interest; Is this an issue on Linux?

Looking after a Novell network does not help when it comes to game servers Sad
Running an instance or UT2004 will make your FPS go to 256....

Beats me exactly who tho ...

-- Cain

You can run Internet Explorer with flash running in it..

I use this file when i have IE down or MSN off ...

Check the Attachment
.zip (Size: 16.41 KB / Downloads: 10) or google srcdsfpsboost ... u'll find the place i took it from Smile

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