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How To Effectively (And Automatically) Stop Cheaters?
Besides VAC, I need a reliable and good system that decreases the amount of cheaters on my server. I deal with cheaters daily now.

What more besides VAC can I do to stop this? How effective is and such.

Please, a worrying server owner that is dealing with cheaters non-stop and in need of good advice/suggestions urgent.

Thanks in advance.

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Well there isn't really a anti cheat plugin.
Plugins like from steambans are simply connected to a database with "cheaters" recorded in the database. (these are approved manually by the crew of steambans, that's why I don't really like it a lot but...)

VAC is really the best thing you can get, only downside is that it doesn't ban on the fly but the cheaters get banned 1 to 4 weeks after using a cheat.

Really, the best thing is to have very good moderators in the game that know what they are doing and have enough knowledge to see tricky things. But people like this are VERY rare these days.
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