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Serious GSP Partner
I'm looking for a Partner to start a Game Server Provider, that is reliable, has strong knowledge of Linux and knows how to Promote GSP's.

I'm in need a partner who is able to pay for 50% of the costs for everything, and will split the profits 50-50.

Buisness Plan

My idea is to have a highly advanced website produced, that is unique and appeals to Customers with a high-end Support Panel.
When the website is finnished i plan to have a popular Game Server hosted used as Advertisment in Counter Strike Source with in-game Spray Ad's and the GSP Link in the Server name. The server will be open for a period of months just used for advertisement, giving the release date of the new GSP, which will give time for the GSP to be totaly finnished and ready to take Orders without any problems from when the GSP Opens.
I plan on renting Dual Xeon 2GB Servers  and in the future after having customers purchasing more Game Servers, i will then think about buying our own Servers.
I'm looking for Multiple Locations in North America and in United Kingdom.

About Me

Im 17, and Live in the UK. I've been Online-Gaming for over 6 years and have a strong knowlege of promoting GSP's, Clans, and community's. I am also awaiting to goto College in September to Study Buisness.

I have alot of time that i can put into the GSP and will carry on to do so.
I'm not only looking to do this because i enjoy the Gaming Community, but i am doing it to make money aswel, and i believe to make serious money, you need to provide serious Hardware and Servers.

- You need to spend money, to make money.

What I Want

I want this GSP to be a Long Term Future Investment, and im looking for someone whos VERY serious in starting and keeping a GSP for years to come.

I need someone who has alot of free time, who dosent mind spending money, and is willing to take risks.


The Products i want to rent out are Game Servers, Voice Servers and Webhosting.
Depending on the prices of the Dual Xeon Servers will depend on the Price Range Per Slot for the Game Servers we rent out

If intrested please Contact me Via PM, MSN, or Replying to the Thread.



Oliver "n0xious" Dodd
n0xious Wrote:I need someone who has alot of free time, who dosent mind spending money, and is willing to take risks.

You need to meet with my ex-wife..... :-/

Good luck with your endeavor.
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