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Server FPS is half of fps_max
I'm having an issue with the fps on my server, whatever value I put as +fps_max, i get almost exactly half that value when running the server (for instance at fps_max 1000, i get about 510 fps, at 500 fps about 250 fps). This seems like it would be a quick fix, like i need to change a cvar somewhere but does anyone have any ideas?

By the way, the server specs are:
Celeron 2.0ghz
768mb ram
320gb WD 7200rpm hard drive
broadcom 440x 10/100 NIC
srcds with mani admin pack 1.2 beta installed running hl2:dm

My connection specs are:
Down bandwidth: 30 Mbits
Up bandwidth: 5 Mbits

Thanks in advance.
This is normal.

IT's just how things are.

I don't think Windows is capable of anything above 512 FPS (to my knowledge)

Set your FPS_max to 600 that will yield 512
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It's possible to run 1000FPS but running above 512 is useless, it will start lagging etc.
As vigor said, it's normal, why? No idea, just programmed that way.
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