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Advanced server.cfg settings?
Well, I'm going to be running a few 100Tick 500FPS servers and I wanted to know if anyone could recommend me the best server.cfg settings for such server to run at its best.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Whats your upload speed?
Right now it is 10mbps but will be upgrading to 100mbps soon.
You shouldn't have any more than 12 slots for a 100 tick server.
According to?
Lucas Wrote:According to?

I think you should put it on 66tick. 100tick with more slots will get wierd.
That's what I think I remember Drocona saying. And he's about as clued up as they come Big Grin
<18 players max 100tick
18-32 players max 66tick
>32 players max 33 tick

Why you ask?
When you run 100 tick at a server with more than 18 players on there will be strange "unexplainable" lag issues being caused by the tickrate. We've seen people complain about lag and weird teleporting and stuff ingame while the stats of your server show nothing at all. Lowering the tickrate fixed all problems, it's a known "bug" that you can't runn 100 tick with more than 18 slots.
Same goes for the rest of the values I mentioned.

As of the .cfg:
cfg's are always the same no matter what tickrate you run really. Only difference comes from bandwidth, since you ahve bandwidth I'd recommend these settings:
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_minrate 10000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
sv_minupdaterate 20

should work fine.
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