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[Solved] Getting low fps
I've been getting some very low fps in one of the Gmod10 servers hosted on my box:

Pentium 4 3.0 GHz w/ HT enabled
100Mbps UK
Windows XP Pro SP2

My average FPS is normally around the 500-550 mark.

Obviously this happens more as the server gets busier, but is there any way I can reduce it? The server itself gets quite laggy after a while.
1. what's the CPU usage at? it shouldn't be above 80%
2. disable HT, SRCDS doesn't really like it.
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It seems the gamemode I'm running (SpaceBuild) has a lot of problems in terms of performance, which is due to bad coding and using the wrong things in the right places Smile

I did wonder why my beloved PVKII server had 500fps at around 20% CPU with 12 people on, while spacebuild could just about get 12fps with 5 people and 50% cpu.

Strange things servers. Who'd have 'em?

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