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Server setup questions
Well i have a few questions to ask about what the best way of setting up a windows 2003 server.

Question 1.
What would be the best way of securing the server other then making sure its running the latest service packs and updated fully?
Question 2.
What Anti virus would you recommend? A free solution would be prefered.
Question 3.
Are they are tweaks i should know or just the fps boost one?
Question 4.
If you could change anything to your current windows 2003 setup what would it be?
1. running a good custom firewall (like sygate or whatever you like, just no symantec products) will fully secure your server in most cases. Of course it can still be hacked but that possibility is ALWAYS there, no matter what you do.

2. You can use Avast, AVG. Doesn't really matter, I've always used Avast. A virus scanner isn't really necessary for a server as long as you don't have a fileserver running on it.

3. FPSbooster.exe (or Windows Media Player, but this uses much more resources) is the main "powerup" for the server. Make sure you increase fps_max in the server.cfg to something like 700.
There are a few more system based tweaks like reducing the resolution of the screen to 800x600 and stuff like that.

4. I'm not running Windows 2003 serverToungue
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Thanks Drocona

Thats a really good idea about the screen resolution, would never have thought of that. If anyone else has any useful tips that would be Great

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