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We currently run 5 source servers on two colocated boxes. We are looking into consolidating our servers into one box, and what that would take. We configured this:

Dell PowerEdge 2950
Processors: 2 x Quad Core Intel® Xeon® X5355, 2x4MB Cache, 2.66GHz, 1333MHz FSB
Memory: 8GB 667MHz (4x2GB), Dual Ranked DIMMs
Hard Drive Configuration:
Integrated SAS/SATA RAID 0, PERC 5/i Integrated
2 x 146GB, SAS, 3.5-inch, 15K RPM Hard

Will this machine be able to run the following servers on a linux platform?
cs:s - 40 slots - 66 tick
cs:s - 32 slots - 66 tick
cs:s - 26 slots - 100 tick
cs:s - 24 slots - 100 tick
cs:s - 20 slots - 100 tick gungame
cs:s - 12 slots - 100 tick

I would think that this server would be able to run all that no problem, but before I drop 9k on a new server, I want a second opinion Wink
Wow that's one hell fo a nice server machine

But I'm afraid I can't tell you if it will hold or not, I don't have that much experience with big servers, especially this particular one!
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why would anyone want to host a 40 slot server ?

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