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need help with server on internet
Ive forwarded my ports and ive updated my Source dedicated server but it doesnt come up on the master list and no1 can add it 2 there favourites eather only i can acces it Plz Help
CHeck the portforwarding, see if everything is correct (maybe your IP changed), if it's all correct and it still doesnt work use the DMZ option on the router.
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Thanks um wats a DMZ???
this is for netgear stuff but just put your router where it says netgear model blah blah and you'll get the picture.
I have messed with srcds on my home computer and I had the same problem. All you need to do or atleast what I had to do was put the ip and port command into the start up line and everything was fine. Other wise its just starting on your network Ip which is why only you can access it.

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