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Badly needing some nub help :(
Ok firt time i downlaod all the dedi serv stuff open it it works a treat with the "adding matser server" ipadresss it shows in CMD box, but when i RR my pc so can leave it on no one can now connect using that ip the ips now change every time i RR my machine, also ive tried the that confuzed me even more givign me a compleatly diffrent ip off what my "master server" ip sposdly is.

Also im not using router im using straight network cabble from other pc network card, into my own, Any help to get this goign would be awsome

My rig:
GPU : 2x nvidia GEFORCE 8800 GTX SLI MODE
CPU : AMD Athlon 64 x2 duel core 5000+
RAM : 2 GIG off Branded gamming RAM

Should do me for css eh ? lol
Lol doesn't matter if you have 10 graphic's card in your pc. It's about your upload speed; how many can it take. If you ain't sure about your upload speed i would suggest to find a website which have testing server's in your country

If ude read it thats not my problem lol. My problem is the ip thing lol god damn it spammers ^^
master server ip has nothing to do with your ip, the master servers hold the db so that others can find it. first you have to forward ports to your server machine from the other machine you have that is acting as a router/nat.
You'd be better off hosting the server on the pc that's providing internet to yours and play on your computer... no problems, no port forwarding, clean install will work first time you run it.
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