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bandwidth question
hi i got a 100mbit line with 200gig monthly transfer

im looking to run 4 servers

11 slot 100 tick / 20 slot source tv
20 slot 66 tick
20 slot 66 tick
20 slot 66 tick

rates 100/100/30000

say if all those servers were full how much bandwidth would it take.

its running on a dual opeteron with 16gb of ram. 2x 250gig in raid

so im guessing the system can handle the slots as the 66 ticks may vary but 100 tick wont. im trying to get a rough usage per mth. or a way to work it out. i wanna work it out if there full 24/7 which they wont be but i need a rough cause after 200gig its a stupid price for bandwidth but im paying $80 a mth for the box Smile i got a really good deal Smile co-locatian with a mate who works at a isp FTW Wink
200gig monthly!?!?!?

Cheap bast****

look at it this way, if you transfer 1Mb/sec for 24 hours a day over the whole month that's 330G right there. we can then break it down using our favorite referral page, whisper's tickrate. say we take one of your servers, 20 slots at rate of 25000, the MAX bandwidth it will use over the month (as an average) will be 4Mb/sec (or a total transfer of ~1200Gb), so you're out of luck, can't even run 1 server. ok, so we know that not every player will be using a rate of 25000 all the time, say it's dust2, 1 guy is camping t spawn, there's always 1 right? while the 19 other guys are having the mother of all battles at long a. the guy at t spawn may only be using 100, whereas the other 19 guys can use any number UP TO 25000.

get the picture? the MAX you'll ever use for 20 slots at 25000 is ~4Mb or 1200G, now if your isp allows you pay for overages then your server can stay up and you pull out your wallet to pay the man. if they don't then they cut you off at 300G and you wait until next month for your server to come back.

so while you have a dual opty, 16G and all kinds of HD space, your transfer is going to run out real quick.
yer im gonna have to talk to my co-location dude and see what he can do with the bandwidth factor. for server/200gig per mth = $80 cheapest i find in austraila for that kinda hosting/pc
ow, australia is REALLY expensive with bandwidth, I think you'll be paying 400+$ for a reasonable amount...
You'll need 2TB at least to run all the servers you like (like fqdn said, even this won't be sufficient when they're all full, but your server are almost never ful and full for 24/7/30(1) so you can go for lower amount of bandwidth, like 2TB)
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