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PHP web-based RCON script??
Is there anything like this? I've searched this forum as well as mattie eventscripts. I need a PHP script that I can install on my web site that will give me RCON access. I dont want to log on SSH from the computer I am on, but I have root access to the server to install whatever scripts are necessary.

Also, the search engine on this site sucks. I cant even search for "php" because its too short. On top of that, I tried to log in and it said I had to wait 15 mins to try again, then I cleared my cookies and it let me log on... So ya.

Hopefully someone can help me find the script (and wont feel the need to just flame me for my issues with this site).


I figured a ? instead of a ! was better for the title.

I've had multiple rcon scripts a while back, I can't find them now so I'll have to search a bit.
I will post them as soon as I find them.
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Sweet thats much appreciated. I'm overseas right now and I only have access to my laptop and a business computer. I'd rather not have to install programs on my laptop or business desktop but my server has been very active and very angry lately. So it would be great to be able to fix some of these problems using a web based program Smile
hlsw can do it too (run rcon commands), it's a lite install and easy to uninstall.
Here is a little front end i threw together:
here is a link for the web rcon you can use this to accses your server if you know the ip or ddns and port it was not created by me but it is hosted by my clan. IF YOU DOWNLOAD IT YOU MUST UPLOAD IT TO YOUR WEBSITE OR ELSE IT WONT WORK!
bookmark it! if you are lazy or don't have web space

all credit for the coding goes to William Ruckman.

good job! Big Grin

down load web_rcon here (faster)

or the attachment (because its right there)

If you prefer to use a desktop based rcon you should use HLSW

you can download HLSW here

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