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so, should a server run off a routers IP or an External IP?

ive been browsing the forums looking for ways for servers to show up in master list, and none of them have worked. I have forwarded ports, opened them for my firewall. Nothing. So I went to and it said something totally different to what my servers/routers IP is. How do i set this IP up for my server? my IP is (according to and currently my IP is, according to My "Wireless Connection Status" is And so far only people that i give the IP to can connect. This may seem confusing, but anything would help.

so how would i set that up with the steam client?
You can't set up the external IP to a computer within the network.
The external IP is assigned to your router and ONLY your router. Everything behind it can function THROUGH that IP (port forwarding) but never actually use it.
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