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If I have a lot of textures from non-pakratted maps, can I upload them to my FastDL server in a bz2 and have the bz2 unzipped with the textures?

Alternatively, is there an easy way to generate res files?
You can not put them all together in 1 package, you can bzip them one by one, but depending on the size of the textures mostly this won't make it smaller.

I'm afraid there is no easier way than copy pasting the same line over and over and edit it to the files, maybe someone else found out a program if it exists, but Ive never heard of it.
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I think I could knock together a batch script to do the res thing. I already have one that auto-updates all my servers and logs to a text file, so it shouldn't be too hard Big Grin
Here we are:

echo off

set mapname=%1

set CurDir=%CD%

echo "resources" >> C:\%mapname%.res
echo { >> C:\%mapname%.res

FOR %%a IN (*) DO echo "%CurDir%\%%a" >>


echo } C:\%mapname%.res

If anyone wants to give it a try, drop the batch into the folder you want res'd. Start a command prompt, navigate to where you saved the bat, and load it with:

filename.bat %driveletter% %mapname%

So for example:

filename.bat C de_dust

That will save a .res file in the root of the "C" drive, with the name de_dust.res.

It's not quite perfect, as you still have to open up the res and remove the C:\Servers\servername\modname\ etc.

I'll keep working on this, because it'll be invaluable for me Smile

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