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Help With My Maplist!
Does anyone know of a program that grabs all of the names of your maps in your maps folder and puts them all in a .txt file, ive used one before but i was stupid enough to delete it and i can't remember where i got it from, and i want this because i have 471 maps and i dont want to write them all out.

You posted this topic ~6 hours ago, I would have written the mapnames in that time, think next time you post Rolleyes
lol joonas, you think a bit too. Most people have better stuff to do than copy+paste all teh mapnames they got into a file. I bet AgEnT hasn't been waiting in front of hist PC on these forums for a reply Wink

As for the program, never seen or heard about it before.
on a side note, Where the hell do you need 471 maps for! seriously, 12 maps is more than enough for 1 server lol Big Grin
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