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Newb needing help
hey guys,

I know your'e probably sick of the same old questions over and over. But I have my server running correctly, and can join and see on LAN, but when I try to add it too my favorites or find it on the main server list it is not there. I do NOT have a router anymore, but I did use one for a very long time until about a month ago. I removed the ip command line from the scrds.exe shortcut. I've read many threads on here, but all seem to be people with routers. What am I doing wrong? any help would be greatly appreciated.

forgot to mention im' running windows XP media edition, and the IP to the server is

although there is two lines in the server window that shows "master server" with Different IP's, not sure what that means. But the LAN server I'm in now, is and it works fine.

EDIT: Ok I got it show up on my fav list by saying "find games at this ip" or w/e it is.

haha, it's working now...sorry for the waste, this can be closed or deleted. Thanks!
sorry to bother you again, but I have some questions about running the server from my computer. I installed mani mod the best I could, everything seems to work fine..but when I try to set my steam ID to 'a' which means it can't be kicked by the console it doesn't work. I still get kicked. Also, if I had a dedicated server of my own that I host my websites on..could I transfer the server from my HD to the site (with a few minor tweaks im' sure)?
I see it Smile
not sure about mani, try searching the mani forums.

you can transfer the folder to the dedicated server (if it's the same OS, Linux or Windows) no problem.
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