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Port Issues, Again
So Ive pretty much read EVERYTHING about forwarding ports and what not and nothing seems to work. I opened up port 27015 on my dlink DI-624 router and added -port 27015 to my command line. But it still will not work. It will always be like 62154 or something like that. This is really becoming a bother because everytime I restart the server the port changes! Someone please help me with this.
1. triple check if the portforwarding ahs been done correctly
2. check if you actually enabled the port forwarding (some routers need you to check a box)
3. check the router firewall if it has one
4. check the firewall on the server machine, make sure it's not blocking any of the SRCDS ports and the process
5. check for virus utilities if those aren't blocking anything also. (especially Symantec products)
6 If all fails, try the DMZ option.
7. if 6 fails make a direct connection to the server without the router, if it works go to 8, if it doesn't it's either your PC or your ISP.
8. get a new router or a server-switch setup
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