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P4 1.7 512mb Ram GOAL = 10 slot 100tick
my question this may not be in the right topic if it aint im sorry admins Wink

my question i got a P4 1.7 if i o/c it runs smooth and stable at 2ghz

my question what would be the better option to run a CSS server on. as i need to setup a 11 slot 100 tick server 11th slot = sourcetv as i need a machine for lan prac..

so far i've tried FreeBSD 6.2/Fedora Core 6 i would have to say FreeBSD run it nicely at 66tick running on 12 slot with 10 bots. it dropped down blow 250 fps only in a big part of the map. which im hoping bots take more power then a human ;\

currently atm i've installed Windows 2003 server SP2 and im gonna try the server on here.. just looking at peoples opions and what would be the better choice. as i have a p4 2.4 Celeron. all so laying around.

my questions in sum.
1. should i re o/c it back to 2ghz.
2. what would be the better distro/os to run for this crap setup Toungue
3. my goal = 100 tick - 11 slot running high server settings as lanning servers do.
4. or should i put the p4 2.4 celeron back in with the l1 cache of 128k

any feedback would be grateful Wink
i know updating would help atm im straped so Toungue
1. Don't overclock it
2. Windows is best.
3. your goal is fine with the CPU, bots take more, MUCH more resources than players. (It runs 12 slots 100 tick here on a 933MHz P3 Wink)
4. don't use the celeron, the P4 1.7 is at least 2x faster than the celeron.
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sweet things i wanted to hear Wink thank you Drocona Wink

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