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Servers crash every once in a while! [fixed]
Im running a Dual AMD Opteron 246 with 2 GB ram, I have 3 servers running.

64 slot zombiemod
24 slot surf
32 slot SZM

But they arnt even full, and they crash!

They will reboot, no connect failed or anything, but it isnt even at 100% cpu and im running 2 processors.

Please help! Sad
nevermind, turns out it was mani-admin-plugin I guess noone here is very helpful xD

I didn't reply on purpose cause it's a basic problem showing up 10x every week here.
If people still have problems 2 days later I help them personally.

Sometimes peopel figure it out themselves after actually SEARCHING and stuff like that, like you did Smile
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It was a bug in the new version R, Which wasnt very easy to figure out Wink

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