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serverchecker 3.03
Does anyone have a link or copy of ServerChecker v3.03? The link to it on the page is pointed to a webserver that is no longer up.
Come on, I know atleast half of the server operators here have it.
I have no idea, never used it...
google doesnt give any hits other than dumbclan either.
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I uploaded my version of serverchecker (I think it's 3.03), didn't have the setup file anymore so its a installed version just in .rar file.
Rapidshare is gay. Please dont use it. I cant get the file, it tells me I have an invalid download session. WTF? Please upload to a better location.
Thanks. Sad
Here, i uploaded it to filefront Big Grin;9904720;/fileinfo.html
just upload it here?
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I don't think there is a v3.03, seems to only go up to v3.02...


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