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Kill Phazed Hosting
I have bought a server from this company, its a brand new company, only a few days old, but they have very good servers! Or at least until they get more customers. Hopefully they don't overfill their servers. But, they get the servers setup very quickly. One of the best servers I have bought in a while though, and its a very good price for the quality.

The website is:
Are you a ATHP for teamspeak?

Quote:Here is what I am seeing:

People are advertising their business/server and just leaving.

People are advertising posting a few times and then leaving. Since i am only a mere super mod and not admin, i cannot enforce this rule. However, I do like to make a not to japje or sirtiger that a rule of a minimum of 10 or so posts(not spam, actual helpful or actually troubleshooting needed posts) before one can advertise something. This community is doing them a favor by letting them advertise on here.. the least they can do is give back and contribute to help this community out.

From now on im manually enforcing users have a post count MINIMUM of 15-20 before they can advertise. When I get the time I am going to clean out alot of the advertisements. This will be until japje or sirtiger come on and upgrade my mod status as per requested of them. So if you had an advertisement and your found it to be gone, check your post count. if you have an advertisment, better hurry and up your post count Smile
and spam is NOT included. You wanna get something you have to give something to get it.

Might save you the trouble.

Plus those 5 other posts are complete garbage. Like the windows subforum post.

I know I am a a**hole

=D Yes I am

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