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commands not working
ok. there are some stupid tk-ers on my server, and i meant to slay them. i type ma_slay in console and the beam comes from sky and you hear the explosion, but they remain alive. I try this again with slap, and you hear the slap sound, but nothing happens. I tried ma_blind and it says (ADMIN)<me> blinded player <them> but when i spec them, they are not blinded. Eventually i just had to ban them Rolleyes because no other commands would work to get them to stop tk-ing... DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IS WRONG?
I dont that happened on my mates server to its something to do with the cfg your running i think
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What version of mani do you have? Use 1.2 Beta O instead of newer&older versions, it works fine for me and doesnt crash at map vote like 1.2 Beta R

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