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How DO you use scrds
How do you use the scrds off steam the generall steam one in tools i just want to get a server set up so i can run one now and again not like full time i
dont have enough time for that. but to use the one of steam do u just Open the ports and put in the box that comes up when you open scrds were the server name is in udp port do you just put the port you opened ???

Will i need a static ip address for this ???

Sorry i am a kinda of noob when it comes to this i have tried it b4 n it worked but now i am on a shared internet connection and it doesnt work ??

I have tired all the tutoirals but none seem to work but i will Make a static ip
and then open the ports Isnt the sefault port 27015 ??
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you forward the port 27015 and a few others, then run the server and it should be fine.
(search the forums for the ports it has been asked a million times)

static ip isn't a must but it sure is easier
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ye you have to have the port forwarding correct and firewalls have to be down so that it lets the ip to the internet.

and people can join in the server!
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