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Automatic PC shutdown (windows)
So here's a guide to setup an Automatic PC shutdown.
I use it on my own server because there are no players at night.

1a. Check that your computer is on time.
1b. Check that your computer has scheduled tasks enabled.
(check from tools -> administrative tools -> services. One of them is called scheduled tasks and make sure that it's running)
2. Go to tools -> scheduled tasks
3. Add a new scheduled task, called shutdown (by right clicking the window and choosing new -> scheduled task) DONT CREATE A NEW ONE FROM THE WIZARD (or sumthin)
4. Doubleclick our scheduled task called shutdown. A window should pop-up
5. Type to execute field: C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -s -f
6. Type to work(ing) folder: C:\WINDOWS
7. Then tick the box 'Execute only when logged in system'
8. Go to 'Scheduling' tab, and choose your time when you want your pc shutted down.

Thats it!
(Because I have finnish Windows XP, those translations can be wrong)

Optional parameters:
Replace -s with -r at the C:\WINDOWS\.. thing to make this scheduled shutdown to be a scheduled reboot! Wink
Thanks for bringing this up, I'm sure a lot of people would like to know this. Smile

The translation looks familiar so I think it's correct
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