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Quick question on mapcycle.txt
I tried searching but didn't find anything, probably because I wasn't sure exactly what to look for.

Ok, so my question is this:
I've I change the mapcycle.txt (via ftp) while the server is running will the new mapcycle.txt be loaded when the map changes? And if not, is there a way to force it to be loaded when I change the map?

So that I can, for example, change the mapcycle.txt to have just one map, change the map manually to that map, so this way the server will just run through that map over and over again until I change the mapcycle.txt back to what it was before?

The reason I want to do this is so that I can beta-test new maps and evaluate old ones (to see if they belong in rotation) without restarting the server, and thus kicking everyone.

Thanks for any info Big Grin
You'll ahve to restart the server to load a new mapcycle I believe. However you can change to a map with the changelevel command to one that isn't in the mapcycle so you can test it without restarting the server.
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