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RCON issue
i tried to post this in the Windows section but i kept getting this error

MySQL error: 1030
Got error 134 from storage engine
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so whatever....

anyway, i have my own CS:S ded. server on my computer. i run it, then i open up and connect to it and play on it from the same computer. Everything is (well was) working fine, but recently rcon wont work for me. when i try to run an rcon command from my client console it tells me "cannot connect to rcon (192.xx.x.x.x:20175) or something similar. commands do work if i type them in the dedicated server console. Mani admin plugin and the plugins and everything else works fine.

whats really strange is that rcon was working for me very recently-- i just have no idea what happened. as far as i known i havent changed anything except for adding more mani and mattie plugins. in my server's server.cfg i have rcon_password xxxx and i have on the client autoexec. rcon_password xxxx but it isnt logging me in and when i try to do it in game it gives me the connection error

please, i would be glad to post any of my files for you guys to look at to solve the problem. thanks guys

try using rcon_address
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im putting it into my server.cfg now

ill respond with results
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works!! much thanks Big Grin
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