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Problem with Dedicated Server
im new here
and my english is not very good
i come from Poland ShyBig Grin
i have made a server with "STEAM"
not with hldsupdatetool !!!
now i have the following Folder
[Image: dodsdediserverge2.jpg]

i want the perfekt server cfg for my server =D
my system :

i have dsl ,but i would have dsl in a week =D

sooo .....

Then i have a second problem tooo ....
i wanna have plugins and mods
quake souns , headshoot , statsme and other things i wanna have on the server
but i dont now ...

can some help me ?

Thank you very much

peace ... Metal Slug CoolCoolCool

PS: I have on this server a ping from 65 and it lagggs very much !!!, on normal servers i have a from 25
Are you making a server for games like CS 1.6 and HL1, or games like CS:s and HL2?
According to the screenshot it's HL2 based, moved to correct forums.

Metal Slug I suggest reading a bit on the servers, follow my tutorial on the CONSOLE version in the tutorials section

Also you shouldn't run a server on the SAME computer as you play, it doesn't work (lag)
I also have a question, what connection do you have (then I'm talking about both download and most importantly UPLOAD)
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